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Happy Memorial Day, friends!

Monday, May 27, 2013











Remember me??

Friday, May 24, 2013


 Remember me?

I really do miss checking in with you guys frequently, but while I am in May Survival Mode, I just struggle to make sure I am wearing shoes when I leave the house.  When we enter June, we will be back to visiting regularly, deal?



 A few weeks ago, I was able to plant my flower boxes that sit outside 3 of my windows. I have gotten pretty fast at planting these, since I have had several years of figuring out what grows well in this 'part sun' area of the house.    




 I line up my leading ladies in the position that they will get planted to check the colors and spacing. 



 The Margarita is a great trailing plant and I love the citrus green against my gray roof.



 Another good trailer is the 'Snowstorm'. It not only trails, but grows up, and I like to continually guide the new flower stems into the other plants.  



 Superbells Blue are really more purple than blue, and they have lots of small flowers that grow fairly fast. They also play really well off of the bright green.



 The ever popular Wave Petunias in red are always a staple. I then plant Coleus and Dracaena{a spikey flower} in the middle {not sure where these pics went!}



The cocoa liners last years and I simply empty out the old dirt at the end of the season and leave the liner intact. I prop my wire basket up in the wheel barrow and fill it half way up with potting soil.



Starting with the outside, I plant the Margarita's first, as tight to the outside as I can. The I continue in towards the middle ending with the Dracaena.



In a few months, these will be almost triple their current size. And with all of the rain that we have had, it makes them pretty much maintenance free -- this month. They need to be watered every day in 'normal' summer heat.

And speaking of flowers...I got the most amazing new book.



The Flower Recipe Book is a new collaboration from the ladies of Studio Choo. I have been following their blog for a long time and couldn't wait to get this book in the mail! .



I love bringing cut flowers in the house with flowering branches and loads of greenery, and this book shares the techniques that these 2 flower masters use to create their arrangements

 They show you every tool you'll need and give a break down of all of the flowers they prefer to work with. Just like in a cookbook, each flower recipe provides an ingredients list, instructions, and photos on how to place each stem.     




They also share tips on using unexpected vessels and sweet seasonal wreaths.





 If you love putting together arrangements, you really will love this book and learning their great tips and tricks to make them look effortless and professional. I highly recommend it!

{I didn't get compensated nor do they sponsor my site--just sharing what I love}



Our wonderful weekend

Monday, May 20, 2013


Happy Monday! I hope that you are ready to conquer the last week{s} of school!  I am not sure I can remember a more jam packed weekend. On Friday, we traveled to the campus of A&T in Greensboro to cheer on 4 of our All-Conference varsity track team members compete in the State Track Meet.



That's Maris is Lane 2!!


It was almost 90 degrees, which made those metal bleachers a little warm.  



She competed in the 100 and 300m hurdles and although she didn't have her best times, she placed 9th in the State in both!



A few hours after Maris competed, Jack's baseball team won the 3rd Round of the Conference Play-Offs! This is the fartherest {is that a word??} a SM baseball team has ever gone!! We compete in game 4 on Tuesday.  

As soon as the hand-shaking ended, Jack ran to get himself to the campus of WCU for opening night of the high schools amazing performance of 'Pirates of Penzance'. 



Doesn't our ship look 'floatable' ???!!!


Here's a close-up of Jack, my favorite dancing Pirate.

We truly have the most talented high school kids and some incredibly dedicated teachers and moms.


And the 2 happiest Stage Managers ever, Steph and Maris. {We got her back in time for Saturday's shows!}



As the final performance was wrapping up Sunday night, Maris snuck out of backstage to make it across town to the Hall of Fame Banquet.




I can't tell you how special it was to be among such honored former Jackson County athletes, to hear their recounts of past games, their touching stories of the coaches that shaped them, and the lasting team friendships.   



But the most special part of the night was witnessing Maris receive the 'Most Outstanding SM Athlete of the Year' {yes, she beat out all of the boys!!} for her participation of 4 years of Volleyball, Basketball and Track. She has worked so hard, on and off the court/field, to better herself, her times, and her technique. She never settled and continued to put in as many hours as possible to get a little better and a little stronger and she always encouraged her team mates to do the same. {Her cheerleader, Cal, was also pretty proud, I think}  

It was a fantastic end to a pretty amazing weekend!


 Now I need a weekend to recoup form the weekend...  




The Glow

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I can't wrap my head around the fact that it is the middle of May. Of course, freezing temperatures several nights this week haven't helped, but this year just feels like some crazy fast-forward whirlwind. Reality is, that in 2 short weeks my daughter graduates, my son turns 15, and then he can legally operate a motor vehicle. Ridiculous.  

I have been working on a big project that will happen in a few more weeks. I can't share anything now, but I will have lots to show you in June.  

There are so many great things going on in my kids lives this month. I am really trying to hold on to these special moments and breathe them in. It can be a little overwhelming as I look at my calender each day, but, I am making every effort to appreciate them and their amazing talents and accomplishments and be present. Just a few more weeks of high school...




I found this great site, The Glow, that shares glimpses into the world of inspiring and fashionable moms.



They are all hugely accomplished successful ladies, but, in all of these photos we are allowed to see them in their homes, with their kids, and in just the sweetness of being moms. 




They share their passions, resources, sweet stories, and great tips.




Being a mom -- it's really what it's all about.


{all images via The Glow}



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