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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Seriously, it is.

Do you happen to remember back last summer when I did a post on Edie's beautiful digs? {actually, it was my second post, but I don't want to appear stalkerish} 


She had just finished her master bedroom and I thought it was so beautifully done and I couldn't wait to feature it on my blog. {Apparently Better Homes and Gardens felt the same way since her house was just featured all over their glossy pages.}




Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and I got to meet my 'internet friend'. And not just meet, but spend the weekend with Miss Edie {aka Queen of Bean} and several other wonderful bloggers.  


{Sheila, Nester, {dar}, Angela, Moi, Edie }

I made a special spoonflower vase for each of these gals. Since I get the privilege of peaking into all of their homes via blogland, I got just the color inspiration I needed to represent each gal.   



Now, fast forward to today, and Edie's bedroom has changed just a smidge. 


Spot the changes?????!!!

let's take a closer look...


How cool is this???!! She placed the little spoon flower vase on her bedside table, next to her divine bed. I love it there! 



Can there be a more special place for a gift to show up other than bedside??? I think not. A bedside table and its contents are the place that starts and finishes your day off. It's such a great place to include personal, meaningful lovelies.   


I love using cut flowers or plants {if you're blessed with good sunlight} on a bedside table. Aren't Edie's succulents so pretty? 



And speaking of lovely bedside styling with plants or flowers, here are a few others that I love.








{shannon berrey design}


So tell me, do you keep something special on your bedside table?


{images 1-7 via Life in Grace}


Prom 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013


We made it through Prom weekend and we couldn't have asked for worse weather. It rained all weekend. But, like you do, we had been on rain watch all week, so plans were reworked to allow all of our picture taking to be inside. Luckily, we live close to Harrah's Casino in Cherokee and decided that it would be a great spot for pictures of our big group.


It's a beautiful facility that has just recently allowed kids under 21 year to visit the 2nd floor, which is full of restaurants and shops and is 'gambling-free'. You may remember that this is the same place we have our big Gala each year {Disco Gala and Here's to Hollywood} . We picked our spot right in front of the big glass lit balls that dropped from the ceiling. They made a pretty cool backdrop.

*It was a bit dark so some of the the pics are a little blurry.

Our lovely ladies looked beautiful from the front..

as well as the back. 

{Tate, Maris, Steph}

These 3 besties were honored to be on the Prom Court. Miss Tate Silver Sequins took the Queen honor.



Lovely corsages were had by all. Can you guess which one I made???



 Jack and his friend Kennedy made a darn cute couple.



 But, I was a bit partial to this couple.


For those who are new here, this is my daughter Maris (17) and my son Jack (14). This prom will be the only one in which I will have both of my kiddos in attendance together so it was a real treat to get to tag along for pictures.



This is Maris' boyfriend, Cal. It has been such fun to witness these 2 grow in their fondness for each other. He's a sweetheart and they are a pretty great couple. Truth is, Cal's not a huge lover of having his picture made 300 times by 40 different parents, but he held up nicely. This can be especially trying when you are with someone who loves nothing more than posing for the paparazzi parent brigade. yep, that would be my kid.

 Those are hurdle jumping legs, ladies and gentlemen.


These kids are the best of friends and had such a great last big party together.

And my very favorite image of the night...


sweet, sweet times...



big weekend

Friday, April 26, 2013


Guess where these 2 snaggle-toothed, curly headed babies are headed this weekend.....



the Prom...


I'll share a picture or 2 ;)



Connecting with color

Thursday, April 25, 2013


With the idea of open concept still a very hot trend in our homes, it is important to have the open spaces relate to each other to create a connectivity. Normally, standing in one room allows you to see into all, or part of, another room or rooms. One of the ways to unite all of the spaces is through color. Obviously, you could paint all your walls in an open concept home the same color and call it 'connected', but let's look instead at the technique of subtly weaving color throughout. 

Bonesteel Trout Hall is a California design firm that consistently excels in their restrained interiors and the relationship of colors throughout the space. They are so good that sometimes you have to walk through the spaces several times to figure out why the house is so wonderfully appealing.



In this living room, the pillows and the striped rug have accents of blue. There is also a beautiful smoky chocolate that is used on the leather of the sofa and velvet sofa pillows.   



When you move into the adjoining kitchen, the cabinets are stained in almost the exact shade of the living rooms chocolaty brown accents and the blue gray is repeated on this oversized custom island. The heavy doses of white used on the walls, trim, wainscotting, and kitchen countertops is a unifying color that allows these deep rich colors to remain fresh and unmuddled.



Moving through to the dining room, the dark wood tones of the table, chairs and countertop are again repeated and the blue shows itself as gorgeous grasscloth wallpaper. And remember the stripe detail on the pillows in the living room?? Check out the detail on the curtains about 2/3 of the way down, peeking through the chairs. I know!!




I wonder where their beautiful color palette came from???


{all images via Bonesteel Trout Hall}



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