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Weekend at the Market

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I made my first walk-through of a new clients home in Cashiers yesterday and I stopped at the farmers market for lunch. Oh, how I love visiting the market in the fall. The leaves are just turning golden yellow. There was a wonderful breeze and a perfect 72 degrees. I pulled off and ate my lunch on the edge of beautiful Lake Glenville. I love the places my job takes me!  


Friday, September 28, 2012


Our last week of September... unreal.

I haven't shared a funny from my mom in a while.  so todays the day. Lucky you's! A little backstory: mom was here visiting last weekend and somehow we arrived on the topic of 'Honey Boo-Boo'. Mom is a serious television connoisseur, so she knew who we were talking about. She's only seen one show, but, really one's enough to, well, it just is. Oh, and Maris' favorite food is bacon...random, but here's how the conversation went down...

Mom: That show is hor-ra-bul!! They were rolling around in mud.. and that mother..oh it's just hor-ra-bul.{accompanied with dramatic facial disgust} 

Me: Mom, you know they live in Macon, Georgia, right??


{Mom's brother and wife, Jo, live in Macon}

Me: I'm pretty sure I saw an episode and they showed a Highway sign that said 'Macon'. 

Mom: Oh, I just don't believe that. Oh, I hope not.

Mom leaves. Goes back to work. And she emails this little diddy to me yesterday with the subject line 'Honey Boo Boo Town'. {my brain is in red}

'I saw something on TV about *HBB's show, and it said they live in McIntyre, GA. So I looked it up {of course} and it's several miles east of Macon: but, I'm sure that's where they go for all their pageant outfits {why?!?}. I asked Jo if she knew where they lived, and she didn't have any idea what I was talking about. {clearly}. Jo just watches Fox News. However, it does sound like we need to start freezing bacon for Maris.' {!!!!!   

So.....extra points if you can figure out mom's brain and determine if HBB's pet pig jogged the 'bacon shortage info' or the Fox News reference????? 

*I like that after one show, she's so down she refers to her as 'HBB'


                                                                     My mom rocks. Have a great weekend!


Stitched wallpaper: Claire Coles

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yesterday I shared a place to design your own wallpaper, today let's take a look at a gal who upcycles her own one-of-a-kind lovely wallpapers. I have been a long time admirer of artist Claire Coles. She hand sources vintage wallpapers and uses fragments that she intricately cuts and then layers to create beautiful scenes.

She embellishes with silk threads and leather and allows her sewing machine to freely create the whimsical worlds. Her works are custom commissioned for each client to crawl and grow beautifully across the walls of their space so the sky is the limit on color and scenes.











To see more of Claires designs, visit here.

Have you heard??

Wednesday, September 26, 2012





Because Spoonflower wasn't awesome enough, yesterday they launched 2 new services: design-your-own wallpaper and decals! They are affordable at $5 a linear foot AND they are removable.



   Think your precious pup is the cutest thing ever, well put him on your walls {or your chair!}






If you aren't an artist, no worries, they have tons of designs that others have created that you can choose from.



 Spoonflower {located right here in NC!} prints on PVC-free paper using durable, eco-friendly inks. So these would be great in nurseries and kids rooms. And how much fun would it be to design mascot wallpaper for your childs college dorm room ??  {Next year, darlings!!} 



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