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Light up the jack-o-lanterns!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Look what has landed on the shelves of Food Lion! 

 I can not express the joy I have experienced since my husband discovered and brought home Screme eggs {yes, it WAS plural but other members of my family share my Cadbury addiction and I'll be darned if they didn't get their stinking paws on my  #*@!! ing eggs} The inside 'yolk' is green and it is pure bliss. I have absolutely no problem celebrating Halloween for the next 60 with me??


Disco ball centerpieces and record curtains

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just in case you are throwing a 70's party {and you really should!!} and want a disco ball centerpiece, I will show you how we made ours. The boxes below contain our 40 vases.  

We used 6" x 18" vases to support our very large 16" disco balls. I wanted the centerpieces to be tall for 2 reasons--the room is enormous and so we needed an enormous centerpiece to feel proportionate, and the other reason -- I wanted the centerpiece really tall so that they would be above everyones line of sight {when sitting at the table} so that talking to the people across the table wouldn't be obstructed. 

We filled all of the vases about 2/3 of the way full with water. In playing with the set-up, we found that this water height allowed a really good reflection of the ball on to the table. A smaller vase with less water would allow the water to be even more dramatic, but we went big!  

We purchased 80 highlighters in 4 colors. With a hammer, we cracked open the plastic pen and took out the wick of each. Each vase got 2 highlighters {of the same color}. The girls wore gloves and squeezed all of the wick 'juice' into the water and then let them float in the water to get every drop of color out. {After a few hours, the wicks were taken out and thrown away}


What we learned: The yellow highlighters glow the best of any other highlighter color. The pink does not produce enough color to see a change, so instead we found hot pink food coloring and squeezed 9 drops into the 10 vases that were to be pink.  

The table numbers were made out of old 45 records. I was able to find several lots {150 total} on ebay for very little money. 

I drilled a small hole in the top of 40 records about 1/4" from the edge. These are really easy to drill through. Then I used 12" of blue glitter ribbon and fed one end through the hole and then hot glued the tail to the back of the ribbon. 

The middle 'label' area of a record is 3 1/2". We ran off numbers on orange cardstock in a 3 1/2" circle and the girls cut them out.    


Then using spray adhesive, they attached the numbers over the original labels on each record.

 Two people are needed for the next step--a disco ball was placed upside down on top of each vase, but before it is put in place, a ribbon was tucked just over the lip of the glass and then the ball was placed. The weight of the ball held the ribbon in place.  

 A 4" battery operated LED light disc was placed under each vase. They were reused from last years gala.

The rest of the records were used to make a {really simple!} 'record curtain' that hung behind the registration table.

I laid them on the floor to figure out the width and length I wanted. With the tiniest drill bit in the box, I made a hole in the top and bottom of each record. Using fishing line, I cut 11' pieces of line. Starting with the bottom record, I strung it through the bottom hole and then knotted it. Then I poked it through the top hole and knotted it. I continued on to the next record, spacing them about 2" apart. 

Each string of records was tied onto the pipe and drape framework that Harrah's provided us. I extended it to 10' tall by about 12' wide.

I have to give kudos to my fabulous teenager assistants that you see in all of the pictures!

Maris and her besties got up at 8am on Saturday--AFTER a late night school dance to help us discofy Harrah's!! I am so appreciative of their hard work!!

I love these girls and their help was invaluable!!! Thanks Maris, Tate, Sierra, Sarah, Katie, and Steph {not pictured because she had to leave early to take an ACT class}.


That 70's disco gala

Monday, August 27, 2012



 Our 70's Gala fundraiser was a huge success!! We had close to 400 people turn out, dressed in their polyester finest, to party the night away. Our goal was to raise the money necessary to renovate the mother/baby floor of the hospital. {We are still totaling our $ from the silent auction and raffles, but we know that it is tens of thousands!!} Our annual party, at Harrah's Cherokee Casino, hosts a different theme each year. The lighted dance floor was always full as we were carried back to a groovier time through the fantastic music provided by The Vinyl Brothers Big Band.    

**it was really dark so my pictures are not the greatest, but there are a lot of them!!

{some of the jewelry in the silent auction}



It was by far my favorite Gala! We have the best committee and the hardest working volunteers ever. Come back tomorrow and I will share the set-up and some behind the scenes pics! 

{if you want to look at last years Gala pics, click here}


Play that funky music

Thursday, August 23, 2012


No kidding, peeps...we have 40...


giant disco balls!! woop-woop!

 Our 70's Gala is in just 2 days!!!  

can you dig it???


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