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Friday, June 29, 2012

Are you familiar with Cultivate? It's William Sonoma's online resource for kitchen inspiration and design. They offer really great insight on remodels, appliances, design mistakes and color selections. Every week, they showcase a spectacular kitchen and a back story on the designer.

I can't remember which one of my design magazines first introduced me to the talents of California designer, Karen Harautuneian. But one of my very favorite projects was the remodel of her own home, specifically, her kitchen. I mean, how fantastic are the leather koi chairs?! love her 'European Cottage-meets SoCal stye'. So, I was tickled to see it pop up as Cultivate's featured kitchen this week. 

With the eclectic selections, at first glance, it's hard to know that it's even a kitchen in the pictures.The  cabinets are stained a rich aubergine and topped with thick teak. The wall above the sink is painted pine paneling which is a great backdrop for her collection of vintage art collected from trips to France and antique shops. And what better way to cook and enjoy the beach breezes, than with a brick red dutch door.     


People get nervous about the storage they give up when choosing open shelving, but look at the loads of space she has under her window seat {also known as Karen's favorite spot in the house}

The knotty pine adds another texture while hiding storage. Let's just inventory all of the components, shall we? Clear sealed knotty pine walls, teak counters, painted clear pine walls, stained oak floors, stained maple cabinets, and natural oak dining table...I mean, that's a lot of different woods, in a small space, living superbly happy together. 

To check out more of Karen's portfolio, visit her at The Hub of the Houe

flashing and moving on

Thursday, June 28, 2012

If you remember, Maris has been on a mission trip with her youth group, in DC, this week. They were not to use any 'devices' while there, but I insisted that she text me at the end of each day. I have anxiously waited each night to get my 'I'm safe, everything's good!' message. For those who don't know my Maris, there is no one I know who lives her life to the fullest, loving every second of it, more than she does 

This was last nights text:

{sorry about the grammatical errors, mom ;) }

That's my girl! I can.not.wait. to see the video and hear all of her stories!!

Today she is leaving DC, flying into Raleigh, and meeting up with the rest of her team for basketball camp at UNC.


I so love being her mom, but the worry never ends!

 Thanks for the reminder, Maris!! Love you!!

White Rabbit Botanicals

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 I got to take a trip up the mountain on Monday to visit a client, as well as check-in on an upcoming project. After my visits, I had time to stop in to one of my very favorite Cashiers stores, White Rabbit Botanicals. Shopping in the small house turned garden wonderland is a little like Anthropologie meets Terrain meets fantastic.  

Kris Nelson is the petite owner/designer of White Rabbit Botanicals. But, don't let the name fool you. Yes, it's full of lovely living green and interesting garden decor, but Kris' ever changing curated vignettes are also filled with antiques, jewelry, stationary, candles and home accessories.  


As a child, Kris was smitten with the world of 'Alice in Wonderland' and especially the white rabbit that Alice followed down the rabbit hole. This may help explain the wonderful little worlds she recreates with miniature mushrooms, birds, and woodland creatures. Along with the shop dog, Miles, the white rabbit shows up often throughout the store.  



Kris was encouraged to open a store after landscaping clients encouraged her to showcase her talents and wares 6 years ago. She recently outgrew her original space and moved less than a mile down the road to her current location. She still landscapes for a lucky few on days that she is away from the store. And, clients continue to bring in a creative assortment of vessels for Kris to plant.      


My favorite thing in the store currently, are the handmade porcelain head planters by California artist, Cindy TeyroCindy describes her collection as 'Alice in Wonderland meets Dr. Suess'. Pretty fitting for White Rabbit, wouldn't you say?! Cindy uses a majolica technique and each planter is completely unique since no molds are used. They are embellished with little leaves, nests, flowers or their own tiny tray. swoon.





 Everyone is welcome and lives happily in Kris' whimsical terrariums, bowls, and lamps. There are lots of birds... 

Those with partial bodies...

And those with no bodies...


Just one of the reasons why I love this quirky gal! {and I use quirky in the absolute best possible way!}




{'Enjoy yourself, it's later than you think'} 

A vintage open book acts as a placemat and flattened silverware becomes stamped garden markers.

If you have visited the Cashiers Showhouse in the last several years, you have seen some of Kris' pretty porch spaces. This one was from 2009 {thanks to the great photographer, Gil Stose}  

If you are ever in Cashiers, do yourself a favor and stop in to enjoy this sweet shop. Once you walk through, you will need to turn around and walk through again, possibly many times, because there is just so much whimsy to take in, it's hard to see it all! Or you can check her out on facebook here

Get your sparkle on!

Monday, June 25, 2012

 While we were waiting for our ombre clothes to dry last week, Maris decided that she wanted to sparkle her tootsies {because we couldn't possibly have just one craft going at a time...} She got a white pair of cheap tennis shoes at Wal-Mart {or you could use a faux Tom like we did in our Schumacher Dragon shoes}. She decided to use pearl, silver and pink glitter.

She mixed the glue and the glitter in a bowl and with a paint brush, painted it on in sections. It's hard to see, but the heel is done in a pearl glitter.  

After it was dry, I used a Sharpie to chevron the tongue {can we now use chevron as a verb?!} 

Then the shoes got many coats of Mod Podge spray. This was to make sure the glitter stayed on the shoes and not all over the house. 


This was about 80% effective.


Those glittered kicks drove off yesterday.

Along with several others from her youth group, they all headed to 'Passport 2012'.

They will meet with the youth of many other churches of different denominations across the country for a week of mission work in Washington.

Did you read that--'Come have real conversations, not just virtual ones.'  So important for our kids, don't you think?! They will study the Bible in the mornings and provide hands-on assistance for folks in the afternoons. Please pray for these kids and the impact that they will have as they extend grace to others.    


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