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Monday, January 30, 2012

My neighbors have 4 young kids--kids who are super active in all kinds of after school sports and activities. He's a busy doctor and she is always playing chauffeur, so we rarely get an opportunity to see them. But, during the spring and summer, we do get to visit when we are out in the yards working in our flowerbeds. 

Isn't their house pretty?

They moved here 2 years ago from out of state. Even with their incredibly busy schedules, they find the time to work on their yard and their landscaping and have created a wonderful play area for the kids.       


For Christmas, I decided to paint a little watercolor of their pretty exterior using my favorite canvas--a thin slice of wood.  


A little brown velvet ribbon had it ready for the tree.

Aren't good neighbors the best?

Eddie Ross's yard sale bedroom

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some of you may recall that last summer Eddie Ross put out a facebook message that announced he was looking for a room that he could makeover using items from the up and coming 127 Corridor Sale {aka the World's Longest Yard Sale}.

Elizabeth Harris was the lucky High Point gal that Eddie selected. She had lived with her very traditional bedroom since getting married. But, with the years that passed, she craved a room that was lighter and brighter. Eddie saw huge potential.


Saving money, Eddie kept the bed and bedside table and lacquered it with fresh white paint. He added canopy rails on which he tied blue buffalo check fabric panels.



Dark bedding was traded in for a white duvet and pillows in coral, floral and blues.


Elizabeth got rid of the TV, and now the space is used as a beautiful work space.  

The fireplace wasn't given a lot of love or attention before.  

Now it's the focal point of the room with the addition of coral matted art, a patterned rug, painted and reupholstered vintage chairs, and colorful accessories. The awkward little space to the right of the fireplace became the new home for an antique screen that Eddie painted and added the same coral color with little painted inserts.  


The original dresser was lacquered white and got a new menagerie of accessories thanks to more yard sale deals. A bamboo mirror, wall pediments, and figurines--also received a new color. The lamps were garden canisters when Eddie found them. After he had them wired, they became lovely lamps that he topped with ribbon trimmed shades.  

And one last before shot:

Such a beautiful transformation. He continues to inspire me.

You can read more about Eddie's process and his shopping deals on his blog. And you can also check out Southern Living's story.  

{all images via Eddie Ross}

Laundry Art

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have admitted before that I have a hoarders size collection of design magazines. I love going back through them because I always find something that may not have appealed to me when it first arrived in the mail, but, may now provide inspiration for a new project.


Such is the case when I was perusing back through my Better Homes and Gardens: 100 Decorating Ideas under $100. {Spring 2010}


 Designer Wendy Musgrave first discovered these 4 Laundry tips in a 1961 BH &G Sewing Book. She framed the vintage illustrations and they became great free artwork in her laundry room.

Now, I am fairly certain this is not the color scheme I would use in my own laundry, but they could easily be framed in a different color frame. But, the best part is that the pen and ink illustrations are available to be downloaded.  

 If you want to add some whimsy to your laundry room, go here to download all 4 illustrations. Think of them as constant 'Mom Reminders' {or Grandma Reminders for all you young'uns} and certainly we can all use those.  

It's Tuesday, so here is Mondays post....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This should have been posted yesterday--blame it on Blue Monday or a confused pick.

I thought I would share a little round-up of what's been going on 'round these parts.

We have enjoyed cheering at some great basketball games.


{Maris is on the far right]

{Jack is in the middle, surrounded by 2 of his good buddies}

We were excited to see this shot in the Sylva Herald.


 We finally found a free afternoon on Saturday and we were able to get Maris to Wink.

   A little wash, loads of layers and 6" lighter, resulted in this.


So much healthier.  


We got to run into Target. I spotted some really cute items, which may be old news to you guys, but, I can't even remember the last time I was in. 

Mirrored cubes.


Mirrored trays and tables.

Sweet little vintage inspired dishes

Silky chevron

Pretty covered books and crystal bottles.

Pretties for the wall


Love the shape and the color of this lamp.

Great X-bench

These lamps look just like vintage hob nail milk glass! I should have taken these home. {And notice the little chevron boxes that I stuck behind the lamps--I should be a stylist}   

Good stuff, Target.  


We also got to enjoy Maris' new Christmas present.

Maris loves to bake. Do you remember this great cake she made last year? Robert gave her this neat cake slicer for Christmas. It comes with a slicer, a lifter and an adjustable mold.     

Her impulse to bake usually hits after 9pm...much to my chagrin. We didn't have a cake mix in the pantry, but this didn't stop her, she made the cake and the chocolate icing from scratch {thanks pinterest for great recipes!}


She used vanilla pudding as her filling in between the layers. It was delicious.

Do you have or know about some great cake decorating tools that Maris would enjoy? Please share!


 Ok, friends, I feel that we are caught up!

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