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Friday, May 03, 2013


Maybe because Jack has watched me create any and everything his whole life that he doesn't see anything strange about storing a hot glue gun in the kitchen drawer, or glitter containers next to the spices, or maybe it's simply because he is just so incredibly cool... that he tolerates his crafty mothers craftiness and allowed me to create his Prom boutonniere and corsage this year.  

It only takes a little bit of felt to complete and you can find small squares at Michaels or Wal-Mart, or obviously any fabric store. I have collected quite a bit over the years so I had lots of different shades. I like combining different colors of felt in one flower as it looks a little more realistic and adds some depth.

Start by tracing a cup with a pen. Any size will do. Then using either a dime, nickel or quarter, trace it around the interior edge. The different size coins create different size petals. There is no right or wrong so use whichever you like!   

 Cut it out following your lines.


 Cut through one of the petals and cut a spiral close to the edge. I like cutting pretty tight to the edge because it makes a shallower flower. For a corsage, I didn't want the flowers sticking 3-4" off of her arm.



 Starting at the outer petal, began rolling it on itself, keeping the bottom edge lined up.



If you want to add another color, simply overlap the last petal and keep wrapping. When the flower is the size you like, you can cut it off and with dab of hot glue, tack it in place.



Using a needle and thread in a matching color, I ran many stitches through as many petal layers in the back as possible. I also went straight up through the center and then back through the bottom. This also creates really cute folds and bends in the petals. Because there is a lot of Prom dancing involved, I made sure that this was stitched really well. Then I hot glued a little piece of round felt {in the same color as the flower} on the back.   



 Using a sequin elastic, I cut and hot glued it the size of a comfortable wrist fit.



To create the base, I cut an oval out of a piece of posterboard around 4" long. I cut a piece of felt the same size and glued it on to of the posterboard. {Arrange your flowers to figure out what size to make your base. You really want it to be as small as possible so that you don't see it from up top}  


 I first made leaves out of felt, but I felt it looked too crafty for my liking. {yes, it's possible} Instead, I used real rhododendron leaves {you could also use silk leaves if you want it too last}. I hot glued them to the base.  

I dabbed my finger in glitter paint and ran it around the edge of the leaves to give it a little bling.  



Notice the seal on the paint is still in place. I was too tired to even cut it open or to get a paint brush, which explains why I simply screwed it off and stuck my finger in. You choose you own method..



These were my practice flowers. I love all of the different shades of reds and pinks together. 



Finally, I hot glued all of the flowers to the base.



To make Jacks boutonniere, I used one flower and stitched the top of a florist stick around the top. Then I added some hot glue to really secure it.



Using 3 small leaves, I laid the stems next to the stick and wrapped it with floral tape.



Then I wrapped it with a thin blue ribbon. {Sorry, I needed 2 hands for this and didn't get a picture} 






 Thanks Jack and Kennedy for being such good sports!!




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